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Kick-off Workshop 2006

Brussels, 24 January 2006

The e-Business W@tch study team presented the new work-programme to industry representatives of the 10 sectors studied in 2006, and to officials from the corresponding units of DG Enterprise and Industry and other Directorates.

Disucssion focused on the main topics which were proposed for study in the forthcoming e-Business Sector Reports. Industry made comments and offered recommendations regarding important aspects to be considered in sector studies. All participants confirmed their willingness to actively cooperate with the study team, for example by facilitating access to companies, or by pointing at interesting case studies in their sectors.


The workshop consisted of a morning and an afternoon session, with 5 sectors being presented and discussed in each session. Both sessions started with short introductory presentations by George Karageorgos, the e-Business W@tchProject Officer at DG Enterprise and Industry, and Hannes Selhofer, project manager at empirica GmbH. Following this introduction, members of the study team outlined the approach for sector studies (sector definition, main topics). These study profiles were then discussed with participants.

Sectors discussed in the morning session
  • Tourism (presented by Markus Lassnig of ANET / Salzburg Research).
  • Food and beverages (presented by Elena Gaboardi of Databank Consulting).
  • Footwear (presented by Elena Gaboardi of Databank Consulting).
  • Pulp and paper (presented by Hannes Selhofer of empirica GmbH).
  • Construction (presented by Kasper Ovesen of RAMBOLL Management).
Sectors discussed in the afternoon session
  • Shipbuilding (presented by Birgit Soete of DIW Berlin).
  • Consumer electronics (presented by Thorsten Wichmann of Berlecon Research).
  • ICT manufacturing (presented by Philipp Köllinger of DIW Berlin).
  • Telecommunication services (presented by Thorsten Wichmann of Berlecon Research).
  • Hospital services (presented by Stefan Lilischkis of empirica GmbH).


Download: Participants of the Kick-off Workshop 2006, 24 Jan. 2006 (*.doc, 68 kb)