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from e-Business Watch conferences (in bold) and workshops held since 2002
Date Place Event
04 June 2008 Paris Workshop: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for Competitiveness: Challenges for European ICT SMEs
19-20 May 2008 Brussels e-Business Watch Conference 2008: Understanding the eEconomy - Sectoral e-Business Trends and Impacts
14 March 2008 Berlin Workshop: Drivers and Impacts of ICT Adoption – A Sectoral Perspective
07 Feb. 2008 Brussels Workshop: ICT and e-Business Implications for Energy Consumption
29 Nov. 2007 Brussels Workshop: ICT and e-Business in the Transport and Logistics Services Sectors
23 Oct. 2007 Milan Workshop: Perspectives and impacts of RFID adoption in European supply chains
30 Jan. 2007 Brussels e-Business Watch Conference 2006/07:
ICT Impact on Firms and Industry Structure
11 Oct. 2006 London Workshop: ICT and e-Business in the Shipbuilding and Repair Industry - held at SSA Conference 2006
22 Sep. .2006 Milan Workshop: ICT and e-Business in the Footwear Industry
30 June 2006 Brussels Workshop: ICT and e-Business in the Construction Industry
15 June 2006 Brussels Workshop: Convergence in High-Tech ICT Sectors. Implications for Firms and Policy
10 May 2006 Malaga Strategic Seminar at eHealth Conference: Hospital Information System Integration and ICT Impact on Hospitals
24 Jan. 2006 Brussels Kick-off Workshop - e-Business W@tch 2006
26 Oct. 2005 Brussels e-Business Watch Conference 2005:
Electronic Business Trends in 2005: Industry Perspectives
14 Oct. 2005 Milan Workshop: Electronic Business in the Textile Industries: Can ICT Help to Overcome the Crisis?
10 June 2005 Brussels Workshop: ICT and E-Business in the Construction Industry: Implications for Firm Productivity and Policy
31 May 2005 Athens Workshop: Electronic Payments and E-Invoicing: Opportunities, Challenges and Security Issues
27 May 2005 Athens Workshop: e-Business in the Food Industry: Opportunities and Challenges for SMEs
11 May 2005 Berlin Workshop: e-Business in Manufacturing Industries: a Source of Competitive Advantage?
07 July 2004 Brussels e-Business Watch Conference 2004:
e-Business Implications for Productivity and Competitiveness
18 May 2004 Athens Workshop: Electronic Business in Services Sectors (at the 2004 World Congress on IT)
31 March 2004 Brussels Workshop: Regional Implications of Electronic Business (in co-operation with the IANIS/eris@ Network)
22 March 2004 Brussels Workshop: e-Business in Craft and Trade Sectors (WS at the UEAPME Construction Forum)
10 Dec. 2003 Brussels Workshop: E-Business in Acceding Countries
19 Nov. 2003 Montpellier Workshop: E-Standards
26 Nov. 2002 Brussels e-Business Watch Conference 2002: Electronic Business in Europe 2002 – The Sectoral Perspective