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Workshop at DIW Industrial Conference

E-business in manufacturing industries: A source of competitive advantage?

Berlin, 11 May 2005

The main objective of the workshop was to discuss whether and how investment in e-business technology can lead to sustainable competitive advantage. The focus of the workshop was on three manufacturing sectors of the EU, namely pharmaceutical, automotive and machinery & equipment manufacturing.

Programme and Conclusions
  • Workshop programme, 44 KB
  • Summary and conclusions, 55 KB
Chair and Speakers

Chair: Tapani Mikkeli, European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry, Deputy Head of Unit

Speakers: Philipp Koellinger (DIW Berlin), Daniel Nepelski (DIW Berlin), Jerzy Kopiec (itelligence Poland), Andreas Stiehler (Berlecon Research), Brigitte Preissl (DIW Berlin), Cécile Pompanon (French Federation of Mechanical Engineering Industries), Michael Latzer (Academy of Sciences Austria)

  • E-Business Related Activities of the European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry (Tapani Mikkeli, European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry), 77 KB
  • Good performers, bad performers – empirical evidence on e-business usage, innovation, and corporate performance (Philipp Koellinger, DIW Berlin), 85 KB
Sectors in Focus

The workshop provided new insights into the how and why e-business technologies remain an important topic for firms in the manufacturing industries. There was general agreement that the potential of ICT in general and e-business in particular are far from being exhausted.

  • Automotive industry: E-business and value chain transformation
    (Daniel Nepelski, DIW Berlin), 93 KB
  • Automotive industry: Integration of logistic processes (Jerzy Kopiec, itelligence Poland), 3.681 KB
  • Pharmaceutical industry: RFID and Auto-ID approaches (Andreas Stiehler, Berlecon Research), 447 KB
  • Machinery and equipment industry: E-business strategies (Brigitte Preissl, DIW Berlin), 208 KB
  • E-business trends in industrial engineering (Cécile Pompanon, French Federation of Mechanical Engineering Industries), 279 KB