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Workshop: Electronic Business in Services Sectors

At the 2004 World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT)

Athens, 18 May 2004

Programme and Conclusions
  • Workshop programme, 221 kb
  • Summary and conclusions, 153 kb
Chair and Speakers

Workshop Speakers Chair: Mr. Antonio Conte (European Commission, DG Enterprise)
Speakers: Prof. Georgios I. Doukidis (Department of Informatics, Athens University of Economics and Business AUEB), Dr. Dimitrios Buhalis (Director of the Centre for eTourism Research, University of Surrey), Dr. Martin Falk (WIFO - Austrian Institute of Economic Research), Mr. Georgios Karageorgos (European Commission, DG Enterprise), Mr. Philippe Mathonnet (IDATE), Mr. Hannes Selhofer (empirica GmbH), Mr. Claus Thomsen (PLS RAMBOLL Management).

Speakers at the e-Business W@tch Workshop at WCIT 2004, Athens (18 May), from left: Hannes Selhofer, Georgios Karageorgos, Antonio Conte, Philippe Mathonnet, Claus Thomsen.
Introduction: E-Business as a European Policy Concern
  • E-business related initiatives of the European Commission, DG Enterprise (Georgios Karageorgos, EC), 700 kb
  • Sectoral differences in e-business - an overview (Hannes Selhofer, empirica GmbH), 285 kb
Early adopters of new business methods: How ICT services companies use electronic business in 2003/04

This session presents up-to-date empirical evidence on the diffusion of ICT and ebusiness
in the ICT services sector. Findings are based on a representative decision
maker survey in 10,000 European enterprises, carried out by the e-Business W@tch in

  • Sector Study: E-business in the ICT services sector (Philippe Mathonnet, IDATE), 333 kb
  • Discussant of the Sector Study on e-business in the ICT services sector (Georgios I. Doukidis, Athens University) 940 kb
  • Objectives of the EC in the field of standardisation for ICT services (Antonio Conte, EC) 137 kb
Tourism in the online economy: How the internet and e-business have transformed a whole sector

Tourism is possibly the one sector that has experienced the deepest impact from the
internet. Tourism has always been a forerunner in using online networks to connect
companies in the value chain. This session discusses implications of e-business, based
on the recent e-Business Survey in the sector.

  • Sector Study: E-business in the tourism industry (Claus Thomsen, RAMBOLL Management) 239 kb
  • Discussant of the Sector Study on e-business in the tourism industry (Dimitrios Buhalis, University of Surrey) 1776 kb
  • ICT-linked firm reorganisation and productivity gains (Martin Falk, WIFO) 221 kb