e-Business W@tch Experts

As in 2002/03, the e-Business W@tch will co-operate with a network of external experts for specific sectors or e-business topics and with some correspondents for the Acceding Countries. Those experts are academics, consultants, journalists or industry representatives with a special knowledge of one or several sectors or special topics to be covered by the e-Business W@tch. In addition to their sectoral expertise, the experts will also bring their regional expertise to the project.

Sector / Area of expertise

Name, affiliation

Crafts & Trade(+ Standardisation) Mr. Freek Posthumus
Project Manager at NORMAPME (The European Office of Crafts, Trades and SMEs for Standardisation), responsible for IT, eBusiness and eEurope
Retail Mr. Enrico Colla
Member of the board of the International Research Centre for Retail and e-Commerce (CERIDICE) of the European School of Management, Paris Negocia - Centre International de Formation à la Vente et à la Négociation Commerciale
Tourism Mr. Dimitrios Buhalis
Director, Centre for eTourism Research (CeTR), Centre for eTourism Research, School of Management Studies for the Service Sector, University of Surrey
Business Services, e-business indicators Mr. Rob Bilderbeek, Mr. Pim den Hertog
Standardisation Mr. Henry J. F. Ryan
Lios Geal Consultants
Legal aspects of e-commerce and e-business Prof. Claudia Gramaccia
Professor of e-Business, University of Perugia, Faculty of Economics- SIGI, Professor of E-commerce Taxation, Member of the Advisory Board LL.M International Taxation at St. Thomas School of Law, Miami, Florida US