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  The e-Business W@tch is an initiative of the
European Commission
Enterprise Directorate General
E-business, ICT industries and services.

  The European e-business policies portal - a one-stop-shop, on-line environment for all European e-business initiatives.

  The eBusiness legal portal offers information on all legal aspects of e-business, in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  eMarket Services: a guide to B2B e-markets, co-funded by the the EC / DG Enterprise.


ICT Infrastructure and skills    

ICT Infrastructure and skills

Quest.-No. Indicator Dimensions / Remarks New
A1 % of companies using computers
A2 % of companies having access to the internet
A4 Type of internet access analogue dial-up, ISDN, DSL, other fixed connection, other
A5 Bandwidth of connection to the internet less than 2 Mbit/s, 2-10, >10 Mbit/s
A6a % of companies using e-Mail
A6b % of companies using the World Wide Web
A6c % of companies using an Intranet
A6d % of companies using an Extranet
A6e % of companies using a LAN
A6f % of companies using a WAN
A6g % of companies using a Wireless LAN new
A20 % of companies exchanging standardised data with buyers or sellers electronically new
A21a-e standards used for exchange EDI-based standards, XML-based, proprietary, other
A22 Type of EDI used by EDI-users standard EDI, internet-based EDI
A23 % of companies intending to migrate from the EDI standard to XML-based standards new
A30 % of companies enabling employees to access their computer system remotely from a non-business location
A31 % of companies enabling employees wireless access
A33 average size of the IT department % of employees
A40 % of companies supporting employees in acquiring computer or IT networking skills in-house computer or IT training, training offered by third parties, letting employees use some of their working time for learning activities
A41 Recruiting intensity: % of companies having recruited or tried to recruit IT specialists
A42 IT skills gap: % of companies having experienced difficulties in finding IT specialists
A43 IT qualifications required by companies ## staff with high academic degrees, staff with IT industry certificates new
A44, A45 Outsourcing: % of companies having outsourced some of their IT activities to other companies in Europe / in Asia new
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