The policy context

The e-Business W@tch is an initiative of the European Commission, Directorate-General Enterprise. The political objective of this initiative is to improve policy understanding of the impact of e-commerce at macro and microeconomic level, industrial, regulatory and employment levels. The general purpose of the e-Business W@tch is to develop and test a methodology for firm-level case studies, in order to build a picture of the uptake of e-commerce among enterprises and sectors, and produce national, cross country and cross sector research reports.

The periodic reports submitted by the market watch function will be based on a set of results comparable across economic sectors and countries. This helps Enterprise DG to find out how enterprises are integrating the e-commerce concepts into their business practice, both in qualitative and quantitative terms. Second, the market watch helps the Commission to identify and understand the structural changes happening both at macro and micro economic level. Third, the figures produced allow to benchmark enterprises within the same sector from different regions, different sectors among them and eventually, European performance vis-à-vis other world regions. Fourth, the reports elaborated from the market watch go well beyond the purely statistic analysis as they will integrate raw data with the study of market and technological developments and trends, and put EU developments in the global perspective.