Technology is undoubtedly a core dimension of e-business. However, the specific features of e-solutions change quickly, and are characteristic for individual companies and their needs (see Kleemann/Bach 2001 and Taskforce 2001). Not much additional knowledge is therefore gained with too much detail in empirical analyses. The operationalisation of the technology dimension should be guided by the question of which features make a difference with respect to business opportunities and e-business impact. Having said this, the relevant categories seem to be:

  • proprietary and non-proprietary networks in external and internal communication
  • wired and wireless connections
  • broadband and narrowband communication lines
  • digital and analogue lines
  • direct internet connection access and access via telephone lines

More important than technologies used is what they are used for, i.e., which technology is preferably adopted for which applications. This might, for example, give a hint at how to improve readiness for e-business by improving the availability of certain technological solutions and infrastructure components.