Credit Institutions, Investment Firms, Leasing Enterprises

It is estimated that the EU numbered some 308 thousand financial services enterprises in 1996 (as classified within Section J of NACE Rev. 1), a relatively small share (2.7%) of the services (NACE Rev. 1 Sections G to K) total. Of these, more than half (56.3%) had no employees at all (mainly self-employed persons) and over a third (37.8%) had between 1 and 9 employees. Altogether, however, these very small enterprises (most of which were financial auxiliaries), whilst numerous, did not account for a significant share of activity, as they accounted for just 12.2% of employment and 3.9% of turnover [EU: Panorama of European Businesses 2000].

For the e-Business W@tch purposes, we have a defined a sector within this industry that includes all of the financial intermediation activities - whether they are monetary or not - except insurance and pension funds as well as financial auxiliaries. Analysis of this sector will focus on:

  • accepting deposits and converting them into loans and credits for enterprises, public authorities and families;
  • managing payment systems and clearing mechanisms;
  • providing services with capital transactions
  • providing guarantees or commission based services (bank custody services).


Code Activity
65.12 Other monetary intermediation
65.21 Financial leasing
65.22 Other credit granting
65.23 Other financial intermediation n.e.c.


Other monetary intermediation (65.12) mainly refers to activities of saving banks, co-operative banks and commercial banks.

Credit institutions considered by the e-Business survey are primarily universal banks (commercial banks, saving banks, co-operative banks, public banks) as well as specialised banks (merchant or investment banks). The only credit institutions to be excluded are central banks, partly because of their general reluctance to be interviewed.

European association(s)

  • FBE - The Banking Federation of the European Union and of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Rue Montoyer 10, B-1000 Brussels,