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Main Event 2002/03: Electronic Business in Europe 2002

The Sectoral Perspective

Brussels, 26 Nov. 2002
  • Introduction to the e-Business W@tch (Georgios Karageorgos, DG Enterprise), 164 KB
  • Electronic business in the EU 2002 - key figures (Hannes Selhofer, empirica GmbH), 477 KB
  • e-Business Profile: Electrical machinery and electronics (Michael Nenninger, Siemens AG), 803 KB
  • e-Business Profile: Retail (Elena Gaboardi, Databank Consulting), 210 KB
  • e-Business Profile: ICT services (Brigitte Preissl, DIW Berlin), 140 KB
  • e-Business Profile: Manufacture of chemicals (Thorsten Wichmann, Berlecon Research), 165 KB
  • e-Business for SMEs - Can they close the digital divide? (Werner B. Korte, empirica GmbH), 283 KB
  • Improving e-business statistics: the problem of measuring "impact" (Fabiola Riccardini, ISTAT), 348 K