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Table & Chart Reports

Table- and Chart Reports by the Sectoral e-Business Watch present the main results of its e-Business Surveys since 2003. Data are presented as aggregated percentages, broken down by sector or sub-sector, countries and size-bands.

Contents can be freely used for presentations or publications, provided that the source ("European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry: Sectoral e-Business Watch, Chart Report 200x") is clearly acknowledged.

In Chart-Reports, in presentation mode, hyperlinks in the navigation bar on top / on the right side are activated. This facilitates navigating between different sections of the report.

Sector / topic Table Report Chart Report Date of survey
e-Business in the glass, cement and ceramics industry download (*.xls)  
e-Business in the energy supply industry download (*.xls)  
e-Business in the chemical, rubber and plastics industry download (*.xls) Chart Report 2007/08 (*ppt)
e-Business in the steel industry download (*.xls)
e-Business in the furniture industry download (*.xls)
e-Business in the retail industry download (*.xls)
e-Business in the transport & logistics services industry download (*.xls)
RFID adoption in manufacturing sectors, retail, transport services and hospitals download (*.xls)
Approaches to protecting intellectual property rights in ICT-SMEs download (*.xls)
e-Business Survey 2006: e-Business in 10 sectors of the EU economy download (*.xls) Chart Report 2006 (*ppt)
e-Business Survey 2005: e-Business in 10 sectors of the EU economy (not available) Chart Report 2005 (*ppt)
e-Business Survey 2003: e-Business in 10 sectors of the EU economy (not available) Chart Report 2003/04 (*ppt)


The e-Business Surveys of 2009 covered two sectors (energy supply and glass, ceramics, cement) and threes specific topics (ICT impact on greenhouse gas emissions, ICT-related industrial policy, and e-skills demand). The two surveys included more than 1,000 interviews (351 in energy supply and 676 in glass, ceramics, cement) in the six largest EU Member States, i.e. France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom.

The e-Business Surveys of 2007 covered five sectors (chemical, steel, furniture, retail, transport services) and two specific topics (RFID adoption, approaches of ICT-SMEs to intellectual property protection). Together, the surveys had a scope of about 5,300 interviews, conducted in European countries and the USA.

The e-Business Survey of 2006 covered 10 sectors and had a scope of more than 14,000 interviews, conducted in 29 European countries.

The e-Business Survey of 2005 consisted of about 5,200 interviews with companies from 10 sectors and 7 EU countries (CZ, DE, ES, FR, IT, PL, UK).

The Chart Report 2004 is based on an earlier survey conducted in 2003.