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The Sectoral e-Business Watch (SeBW) is being implemented and operated by empirica Gesellschaft für Kommunikations- und Technologieforschung mbH

  • empirica is a research and consultancy institute founded in 1988 and based in Bonn, Germany. It specialises in communications and information technology related research and consultancy to clients in both private and public sectors.It helps bridge the widening gap between new developments and innovations and their application in ways fully meeting user needs. At the same time, this practical work provides a solid foundation for drawing up realistic proposals for strategic choices to public and private institutions and associations. Its body of expertise ranges from long-term policy and strategy development to rapidly implemented pilot trials and case studies of current practice.

in co-operation with

  • DIW Berlin – German Institute for Economic Research
    • The German Institute for Economic Research is one of the leading research institutes in Germany. It is an independent, non-profit academic institution which is involved in basic research and policy advice.
  • GOPA-Cartermill
    • GOPA-Cartermill (GC) is an independent consulting company specialised in the provision of support services for international and national institutions.They offer a wide range of services, from analysis, training and communication to assuming direct responsibility for projects, depending on the needs of our clients.
    • IDC EMEA (Italy) is an Expertise Centre on Competitiveness and Innovation Policies. This Centre was created in 2005 to carry out socio-economic research on the competitiveness and innovation impacts of ICT, providing consulting services to policy makers and industry leaders, engaged in the development of the Information Society in Europe and the world.
  • Ipsos
    • Ipsos is an independent market research company with worldwide operations. The sole business activity of Ipsos is the collection, analysis and interpretation of market information on the bases of quantitative and qualitative research.

Besides working with the above partner organisations, the SeBW cooperates with the following companies on a regular basis.

  • Altran
    • Founded in France in 1982, ALTRAN has pioneered innovation consultancy and has become a European leader in this area. ALTRAN brings together the entire range of engineering and consulting specialties, from physical sciences, electronics and information technology, through industrial systems engineering, to strategic and management consultancy.
  • Databank Consulting spa
    • Databank Group, based in Italy, is leader in products and services for Competitive Intelligence Building and is specialised in Market Analysis, Customer Asset Improvement (including Customer Satisfaction analysis), Business Performance Measurements, and Trends & Forecasting analyses.
  • RAMBØLL Management
    • Rambøll Management is an international management consultancy firm with over 450 employees. Offices are located in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Brussels. Rambøll provides consultancy services within the areas of management, IT, research and survey to the global market.