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Workshop in Brussels (in cooperattion with NORMAPME)

ICT and E-Business in the Construction Industry: Implications for Firm Productivity and Policy

Brussels, 10 Jun. 2005

The objective of this workshop, which was organised by e-Business W@tch in cooperation with NORMAPME, the European Office of Crafts, Trades and SMEs for Standardisation, was to present both this year’s results of the e-Business W@tch for the building and construction
sector and cases of recent innovative projects regarding e-business in the construction sector. A discussion with industry representatives and e-business experts about current ICT trends and challenges in the European construction industry, notably its many SMEs, with a view on possible policy implications, was another purpose of this workshop.

Programme and Conclusions
Chair and Speakers

Chair: Claus Thomsen, Ramboll Management

Speakers: Claus Thomsen (Ramboll Management), Georgios Karageorgos (European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry), Kasper Ovesen (Ramboll Management), Freek Posthumus (NORMAPME, The European Office of Crafts, Trades and SMEs for Standardisation), Michel Brachmond (Chambres des Metiers of Luxemburg), Dirk Spekkink (UNETO-VNI)

Introduction: E-Business as a European Policy Concern
  • e-Business related activities of the European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry (Georgios Karageorgos, European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry), 408 KB
Electronic business in the construction industry: the state of play

The e-Business W@tch data 2005 shows that the construction industry is far behind the other 9 sectors analysed this year in uptake and use of e-business technologies.

  • ICT and E-Business in the Building and Construction Industry (Kasper Ovesen, Ramboll Management), 505 KB
E-business opportunities and risks for SMEs

The examples presented during the workshop and experiences reported from other EU member states indicate that the potential of e-business to increase productivity and efficiency in the construction sector is far from exploited. Rather, the relatively low level of use suggests that the development has only just started.

  • The national Dutch PAIS initiative (Dirk Spekkink, UNETO-VNI), 1.266 KB
  • e-Business in Construction: a European SMEs perspective (Freek Posthumus, NORMAPME), 83 KB
  • The road to opportunity in e-construction: the BILD-IT project (Michel Brachmond, directeur-adjoint of the Chambres des Metiers of Luxemburg), 116 KB