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e-Business W@tch Workshop in Brussels

Convergence in High-Tech Industries: Challenges for Industry and Policy

Brussels, Thursday, 15 June 2006

About 30 international participants from companies and industry organisations in ICT-related sectors, standard organisations, academic and research bodies, as well as the European Commission attended the workshop on "Convergence in High-Tech Industries – Implications for Industry and Policy". The workshop was organised by the Commission’s e-Business W@tch and hosted by DG Enterprise and Industry.

The purpose of the workshop was to present and discuss preliminary study findings on the three ICT-related industries covered by e-Business W@tch in 2006, i.e. telecommunication services, ICT manufacturing and consumer electronics (CE). The results of this debate between industry, policy and e-Business W@tch were used as an input to finalising the respective studies.

Programme and Conclusions

Chair and Speakers

Chair: Georgios Karageorgos, European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry

Speakers: Andreas Stiehler (Berlecon Research), Philipp Bohn (Berlecon Research), Marcin Marszalek, Andreas Karanas (Director Product Development, Telefónica Deutschland), Hermann Lagreze (Platform & Integration Solutions, Motorola), Martii Lumio (European Commission, Eurostat), Georg Luetteke (EICTA/ Philips), Michael Bartholomew (European Telecommunications Network
Operator’s Association), Steen Clausen (European Competitive Telecommunications Organisation), Daniel Nepelski (DIW Berlin)

Introductory presentations

  • Welcome and introduction to the e-Business W@tch (Georgios Karageorgos, European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry) 275 KB
  • Introduction to the 2006 ICT-related sector studies (Andreas Stiehler, Berlecon Research) 92 KB

e-Business W@tch presentations of interim study reports

  • ICT and e-business key issues in the Consumer Electronics Industry (Philipp Bohn, Berlecon Research) 100 KB
  • ICT and e-business key issues in the Telecommunications Industry (Andreas Stiehler, Berlecon Research) 88 KB
  • ICT and e-Business key issues in the ICT Manufacturing Industry (Daniel Nepelski, DIW Berlin) 53 KB

Industry Perspectives on Convergence

  • Provision of Broadband: The rollout of WiMax networks in Central and Eastern Europe (Marcin Marszalek) 680 KB
  • Management of converged supply chains and the role of standards
    (Hermann Lagreze, Platform & Integration Solutions, Motorola) 4.010 KB
  • Convergence challenging ICT measurement: The new NACE scheme (Martii Lumio, European Commission, Eurostat) 71 KB

Policy Challenges: What has been done? What should be done?

  • Georg Luetteke (EICTA/ Philips) 360 KB
  • Michael Bartholomew (European Telecommunications Network
    Operator’s Association) 73 KB
  • Steen Clausen (European Competitive Telecommunications Organisation) 387 KB