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e-Business W@tch 2006 Workshop on ICT and e-Business in the Footwear Industries

Background and objectives

Milan, Friday, 22 September 2006

The purpose of this workshop was to discuss and validate the findings of the e-Business W@tch interim sector report about ICT use in the Footwear Industry in Europe. Discussants included e-Business W@tch team members, European Commission officials and industry experts. Feedback and comments received are to be reflected in the final report, which will be published by the end of 2006. The workshop was organised by the Commission’s e-Business W@tch and hosted by Databank on 22nd September 2006.
e-Business W@tch is implemented by the European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry since 2001. Its mission is to monitor and assess the impact of ICT and e-business uptake by enterprises from different sectors in the EU. One of the 10 sectors covered by e-Business W@tch in 2006 is the footwear industry.
Members of the e-Business W@tch study team presented their assessment of developments in the following areas:

  • ICT adoption in the footwear industry - the state of play
  • Reasons for the slow ICT and e-business adoption
  • Improving the managerial understanding of e-business potential
  • ICT solutions for the sector
  • Standards for interoperability and e-integration of business process

Programme and conclusions

  • Workshop programme, 32 KB
  • Summary and conclusions, 59 KB