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Manufacture of Electronics and Electrical Machinery

European Federations / Associations

  • EACEM - European Association of Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
    (e-Mail: [email protected])
  • ORGALIME - European Engineering Industries Association (Electrical & Electronic)

Associations in EU Member States / Accession Countries

  • AGORIA - Belgian Multisector Federation (electrical engineering & electronics)
  • ANIE - Italian Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronics Industries
  • ANIEL - Spanish Association of Electronics and Telecommunications Industry
  • ANIMEE - Portuguese Association of Manufacturers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • BEAMA - British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers' Associations
  • Economic Chamber of the Electromechanical Industries (Poland)
  • ELA - Czech and Moravian Electrical and Electronic Association
  • FEEI - Association of the Austrian Electrical and Electronics Industries
  • FIEEC - Fédération des Industries Electriques, Electroniques et de Communication (France)
  • ITEK - Trade Association for IT, Telecommunications, Electronics and Communication Enterprises (Denmark)
  • MEISZ - Hungarian Federation for Electronics and Informatics
  • NFE - Norddeutscher Fachverband Elektrotechnik e.V. (Germany)
  • VDE - Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (Germany)
  • ZVEI - German electrical and electronics industry