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Textile, Clothing, Leather and Footwear Industry

European Federations / Associations

  • CEC - European Confederation of Footwear industry
  • CELC - European Confederation of Flax and Hemp
  • CIRFS - International Rayon and Synthetic Fibres Committee
  • COTANCE - Confédération des associations nationales des tanneurs et des mégissiers de la Communauté européenne
  • CRIET - The European Textile Finishers' Organisation
  • ECRA - European Carpet and Rug Association
    (e-Mail: [email protected])
  • EUROCORD - European Liaison Committee of Twine, Rope and Netting Industries
  • EUROCOTON - Committee of the Cotton and Allied Textile Industries of the E.U
    (e-Mail: [email protected])
  • EURATEX - The European Apparel and Textile Organisation
  • INTERLAINE - Committee of the Wool Textile Industries in the E.U.

Associations in EU Member States / Acceding Countries