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Case studies from the chemical industry

Most of these case studies were published as part of the sector report on the chemical industry in 2008. The RFID case (No. 11) was published as part of a special RFID sector report in 2008. Cases 12 - 14 were published as part of the sector report in 2004. Sector reports can be downloaded here.

Case Studies

No. Title Country Date File
1 Acordis / OB10 - Business process outsourcing,
UK Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
2 BASF - Holistic e-business strategy
of a global player
DE Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
3 Elemica - B2B connectivity, intermediaries,
process efficiency
(various) Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
4 Medikémia - ICT impact on employment and skills requirements HU Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
5 Michelin - RFID, Human Resources management DE Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
6 Probos - ERP implementation and analytical use for market development PT Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
7 Toly Products Ltd. - CRM use MT Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
8 Unicorn Ltd. - ICT for management information, impact on productivity UK Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
9 Zachem - ERP implementation PL Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
10 Zandleven Coatings - Role of web-based online sales in a small firm NL Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
11 Futura Systems - RFID in manufacturing ES Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
12 Slovnaft SK Aug. 2004 PDF Logo
13 Electronic BASF DE Aug. 2004 PDF Logo
14 SpecialChem FR Aug. 2004 PDF Logo