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Case studies from the footwear industry

Most of these case studies were published as part of the sector reports on the footwear industry in 2006. Sector reports can be downloaded here.

Case Studies

No. Title Country Date File
1 Alpina SL Dec. 2006 PDF Logo 45KB
2 Atomic - The adoption of ICT and e-business along the value chain of ski boots production AT Dec. 2006 PDF Logo 67KB
3 Instituto Tecnológico del Calzado y Conexas (INESCOP) - Shoenet project ES Dec. 2006 PDF Logo 67KB
4 Moreschi IT Dec. 2006 PDF Logo 60KB
5 Safe Way - RFID IT Dec. 2006 PDF Logo 58KB
6 Shoe-D-Vision - ERP system in Danish shoe retailing DK Dec. 2006 PDF Logo 89KB
7 Whelan Shoes IE Dec. 2006 PDF Logo 191KB