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Case studies from the ICT manufacturing industry

Most of these case studies were published as part of the sector reports on the ICT manufacturing industry in 2006. Cases 8 - 11 were published as part of a special intellectual property rights report in 2008, which can be downloaded here. Sector reports can be downloaded here.

Case Studies

No. Title Country Date File
1 Net Insight - appliances for IPTV SE Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
2 Eurotech - IPR portfolio strategy and management IT Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
3 Sensitive Objects - Start-up company using IPR to get venture capital FR Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
4 Vierling - Management of a full IPR portfolio DE Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
5 Comsys - IP as the main source of revenues IL Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
6 Motorola - Process integration US Dec. 2006 PDF Logo
7 Nokia - Business integration FI Dec. 2006 PDF Logo
8 Option - ICT, innovation and growth management BE Dec. 2006 PDF Logo
9 RCD Radiokomunikace - Quality not price CZ Dec. 2006 PDF Logo
10 Signalion - Rapid prototyping DE Dec. 2006 PDF Logo
11 Tesla - Transforming information management CZ Dec. 2006 PDF Logo
12 Anonymous - Linking business processes in supply networks FI Dec. 2006 PDF Logo