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Case studies from the retail sector

Most of these case studies were published as part of the sector reports on the retail industry in 2004 and 2008. The RFID cases (No. 11, 12, 13) were published as part of a special RFID sector report , case 14 was published as part of a special ICT impact report and case 15 as part of an ICT energy report, all in 2008. Sector reports can be downloaded here.

Case Studies

No. Title Country Date File
1 Mercator - Competing through upstream supply chain management SL Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
2 Globus - e-procurement activities DE Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
3 Brookland/ Dirk van den Broek - Supply chain management software NL Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
4 AMJG - Customer relationship management to better integrate in-house operations PT Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
5 Casino Group - Customer relationship management to improve sales FR Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
6 4fitness - e-marketing / e-sales DE Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
7 Fleria Floral Creations - Challenges when adopting e-sales GR Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
8 Smart Supermarket - Developing an e-sales application from scratch MT Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
9 EMPiK - Redeveloping e-sales PL Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
10 Cyprus-PC.com - Supply chain management  in a small firm CY Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
11 Metro Group - Largest EU retail RFID implementationup to date DE Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
12 Schuitema -  improving quality and shelf availability of fresh food with the deployment of RFID solutions NL Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
13 New Look - Reasons driving the decision not to implement RFID following a trial UK Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
14 Zabka - example of ICT enabling a new business model PL Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
15 Coop supermarket - ICT-based facility management CH Oct. 2008 PDF Logo
16 Argos UK Aug. 2004 PDF Logo
17 Euro-Label EU Aug. 2004 PDF Logo
18 Centralia IT Aug. 2004 PDF Logo