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Electrical machinery and electronics

Download the full study reports:

Quantitative report
(May 2004, pdf, 1.0 MB)

Qualitative report : Key issues, case studies, conclusions
(Aug. 2004, pdf, 1.1 MB)


The manufacture of electrical machinery and electronics comprises the rather traditional electrical engineering industry as well as the more recent and innovative electronics industry. In terms of the NACE Rev. 1.1 classification of business activities, the following divisions are included:

  • NACE 30: Manufacture of office machinery and computers
  • NACE 31: Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus
  • NACE 32: Manufacture of radio, television and communication equipment and apparatus

Electronic business

The entire sector is very advanced in practising electronic business, but the electronics industry appears to be even more advanced than the electrical machinery sector. main drivers of e-business adoption are the high level of its IT know-how, the high competitive pressure, the high degree of standardisation of products and components, the specialisation of firms along a complex value chain, and the globalisation of production.

E-business adoption in the manufacture of electrical machinery and electronics (2003)
  Buy supplies online Collaborative design of products (online) Use ERP system
All (9) sectors 46 17 19
Electronics industry 59 20 45
Micro firms (0-9) 49 15 9
Small (10-49) 53 19 14
Medium (50-249) 59 13 41
Large firms (250+) 62 23 55
Data for sector total and for "all sectors" weighted by employment. Size-band data in % of enterprises. Base: EU-5 (DE, ES, FR, IT, UK).
Source: e-Business W@tch (Survey 2003).

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