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Case studies from the steel industry

Most of these case studies were published as part of the sector report on the steel industry in 2008. Case 12 was published as part of a special ICT impact report, case 13 was published as part of an ICT-Energy report, both in 2008. Sector reports can be downloaded here. The most recent study on "Corus Rail's approach to increase energy efficiency" was published in the 2009 special study report on greenhouse gas emissions in energy intensive industries. Reports on special topics can be downloaded here.


Case Studies

No. Title Country Date File
1 Corus Rail - Corus Railís approach to increase energy efficiency FR Dec 2009 PDF Logo
2 ThyssenKrupp - online sourcing platform DE Oct 2008 PDF Logo
3 Srem iron foundry - enterprise resource planning PL Oct 2008 PDF Logo
4 Farwest Steel - enterprise resource planning US Oct 2008 PDF Logo
5 TenarisDalmine - internal e-business systems IT Oct 2008 PDF Logo
6 Corus IJmuiden - platform for e-communication NL Oct 2008 PDF Logo
7 Baosteel - electronic communication platforms CN Oct 2008 PDF Logo
8 ArcelorMittal Gent - electronic warehouse management BE Oct 2008 PDF Logo
9 e-Arbed.com - online market place for steel products LU Oct 2008 PDF Logo
10 CMC Coil Steels - ESIDEL standard use AU Oct 2008 PDF Logo
11 Patina foundry - basic ICT use HU Oct 2008 PDF Logo
12 Dan Steel - example of restructuring as driver of ICT adoption DK Oct 2008 PDF Logo
13 Eregli Iron and Steel Works - 0ptimisation of energy use in production processes through Plant Information System TR Oct 2008 PDF Logo