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The "Sectoral e-Business Watch" (SeBW) studies the impact of ICT and e-business on enterprises, industries and the economy in general. It highlights barriers for a wider or faster uptake of ICT and identifies public policy challenges arising from these developments. In this way, the SeBW supports the work of the European Commission's Enterprise and Industry Directorate General in the field of ICT (> policy context).

In 2009, the overarching themes of the studies are ICT & energy, ICT skills and ICT policy. In line with the prevailing e-Business Watch approach, two sectoral and three cross-sectoral studies are being carried out.

The "Sectoral e-Business Watch" is based on a service contract between DG Enterprise and Industry and empirica GmbH, involving the following main service providers: DIW Berlin, GOPA-Cartermill, IDC EMEA, and Ipsos GmbH (> project team).

Register for the 2009 SeBW Conference

The Sectoral e-Business Watch Conference 2009 will take place in Brussels on 29 October 2009, focusing on "ICT and e-Business for an Innovative and Sustainable Economy". It addresses policy makers, business and industry association representatives as well as consultants. Attendance is free of charge.
Please register here.

News & announcements

  • 01/09/09
    The 2009 brochure of the SeBW has been released. A pdf version is available here.
  • 07/07/09
    New studies: interim report summaries available online. The Sectoral e-Business Watch has published the summaries of several new study interim reports. The final reports are expected for November 2009. See "Forthcoming studies".

Chart of the month - October 2009

Companies in the energy supply industry stating that ICT has potential to increase energy efficiency of other companies

Source: Sectoral e-Business Watch Survey 2009.
Read: Percentage of firms in the energy supply industry stating that ICT has high/medium/at best little potential to increase the energy efficiency of other companies.
Data weighted by employment: Firms representing x% of sector employment.
More info: Sectoral e-Business Watch - Interim Report May 09.